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Mentor having a discussion with a mentee

Daring Girls partners locally to ensure that girls have the knowledge, tools, mentorship, and support to confidently design their own futures.

Through two core mentoring programs, Kisa Project (ages 17-21) and Binti Shupavu (ages 12-18), we support girls who dare to do something different, who choose to prioritize their education and take control of their futures. Every week, these Scholars show up to learn together in a supportive environment from a successful, university educated woman mentor who exemplifies what they can become. As a result, girls become more resilient, more confident, and more prepared to set and reach their goals.

Maua, in her motorcycle parts shop.

Maua felt prepared to sit her final Form 4 exams. But, things didn't go as expected. Her exam results were not high enough to allow her to continue her education. However, participating in Binti Shupavu had taught Maua how to be proactive and take initiative, so she began to formulate plans to launch her own business.