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Binti Shupavu

The Binti Shupavu curriculum was designed to address barriers that secondary school girls age 12-18 face to staying in school. As in many regions around the world, in Tanzania where this programming was devised, barriers to a girl remaining in school until she graduates can include gender discrimination, poverty, sexual and reproductive health, and more.

Implemented and measured by GLAMI, this comprehensive program lasting four years builds confidence, resilience and the determination to succeed no matter what. Through a mix of seminars and small group tutorials delivered weekly by university educated Tanzanian women, Binti Shupavu ensures that thousands of new girls every year get the knowledge, skills and support they need to thrive. Weekly Classes are also supported by annual Parent Engagement Meetings where Mentors share the benefits of educating girls and encourage parents and guardians to become advocates for their daughters.

The Binti Experience

Weekly Classes

Each week, Binti Scholars meet for 1.5 hours in classes of 40-50 girls led by university educated Tanzanian woman mentors. A spiral curriculum that takes Scholars deeper into the content as they mature within each year of the program. The content covers five key areas as identified in a participatory needs assessment conducted during initial program design: Internal Motivation and Personal Leadership, Health and Wellness, Study Skills, Developing your Potential, and Strength and Resilience.

Parent Engagement Meetings

Parents are an important component of the Binti Shupavu program. In addition to regular communication many parents have by text or phone with their daughter’s Mentor, parents are also engaged through an annual Parent Engagement Meeting. This gives GLAMI the opportunity to remind parents about their responsibilities, and helps GLAMI build relationships with parents of Scholars, and vice versa. More information means less confusion, more trust, and increased parental support for their daughter’s education.

Social Worker Support

A full-time Social Worker provides extra support to the most vulnerable Binti Scholars. When a girl is facing challenges at home or at school, Social Workers can help by creating a plan with the Scholar, her family, and the school. Social Workers also manage the Binti Shupavu Emergency Fund for Scholars who are at risk of dropping out due to acute financial distress.

School Liaisons

GLAMI maintains strong relationships with a School Liaison appointed at each school where they work. Liaisons play an important role in helping ensure that schools remain informed about Binti Shupavu lessons and content, as well as about the girls who are participating. If girls face challenges that require more support from the GLAMI Social Worker, schools are kept informed through the Liaison, and the Liaison can help identify additional resources when necessary. Each year, GLAMI works with Liaisons to coordinate Partner School All-Staff Meetings where teachers and administrators receive suppotf to become advocates for girls’ education and mentorship.