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Needs change. Our partnership does not.

Alumnae Support

Through GLAMI, we work to support alumnae of the Kisa Project and Binti Shupavu mentoring programs. (Check out this page of our website to learn how you – yes, you! – can support alumnae entrepreneurs through skills-based remote volunteering.)

When a girl graduates from one of GLAMI’s core mentoring programs, her journey doesn’t stop, and neither does the support she receives. Through networking, coaching, training, and more, GLAMI alumnae continue to receive mentorship to help them reach their goals. Daring Girls is proud to support this component of the mentoring programming.

The Kisa Alumnae Network (KAN) provides GLAMI Kisa Project graduates with opportunities to attend networking meetings held each year, attend annual job-readiness workshops and access additional professional development opportunities.

Designed for Binti Shupavu alumnae, on Opportunity Day events equip Binti Shupavu Alumnae with knowledge and skills that can help them in their current and post-secondary lives. These tools empower the Alumnae and help them gain employment. More specifically, the skills help them make healthy choices, promote positive financial behaviors (i.e. entrepreneurship), and build – or build back – confidence.

Health and Wealth Day events are held for GLAMI Binti Shupavu Alumnae who were not able to proceed to Form 5 or university due to low final exam scores. Here, Alumnae to learn about apprenticeships or colleges that might offer programs that they are interested in. In addition, these Alumnae learn about practical health and reproductive health information to reduce the incidence of illness and unwanted pregnancies. Discussion of practical ways to earn an income is also a regular topic, for example, making and selling handmade soap and other goods.

When completing their fourth and final year of Binti Shupavu, each class appoints an Alumnae Captain who is responsible for keeping track of the Alumnae after graduation. Alumnae Captains convene Community Support Groups (CSGs). GLAMI provides a Community Handbook that includes ideas for discussion topics and community service projects when CSGs meet. CSGs have 2 main goals: 1: keeping Alumnae connected to each other and to GLAMI, and 2: inspiring Alumnae to engage in positive activities, especially during the period of vulnerability between the end of Form 4 and the start of further schooling, employment or marriage.

Beyond Funding: Helping Our Partners Thrive

The belief that local decisions must be driven by local leaders has been woven into our organizational fabric since we began this work more than two decades ago. Each of our partners drives decisionmaking about the programming they operate in their own home communities. But we have found that by offering operational, communcations, networking, and other types of non-program support, we can benefit our partners in meaningful ways. By providing wraparound support based on each organization’s uniquely communicated needs, we support our partners’ continued growth and success.

Ways in which we have recenty provided this support include:

Placing articles for the Aspen Institute Forum on Women and Girls (here, and here), in U.S. News and World Report, on Inter Press Service, in Tanzania’s The Citizen, in the business-focused Times of Entrepreneurship, and on Voice of America television and radio outlets. Our ability to help organizations tell their story in a compelling way is helping to raise their profile among a larger audience, and has added to our partner’s suite of marketing materials that provides external validation for their impressive work on the ground in Africa.

We have supported one partner in their ability to better track and report expenditures, by providing QuickBooks training.

Daring Girls also utilizes our social media channels to highlight the work of our partners and drive our audiences to their social media accounts.