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Binti Shupavu Morogoro Expansion

Morogoro Update: Reflections on Year 1 of the Binti Shupavu Expansion

Transport yourself to the Morogoro Region of Tanzania in this video recording of a conversation between Daring Girls Executive Director Jessica Love and GLAMI Morogoro Programs Manager Einoth Justine. They discuss the Binti Shupavu expansion in Morogoro, where GLAMI has launched the program for Year 1 Scholars in 9 schools throughout the region. This conversation covers both the progress made this year as well as challenges the team is working to overcome in this rural region.

This is a terrific opportunity to learn more about this expansion, in a conversation rich with photos and videos that truly brings GLAMI’s work to life – even on your computer screen, from wherever in the world you’re watching.

Jump straight to the good stuff:

  • 8:02: A fun surprise! Patricia, a Binti Shupavu alumnae, was enrolled in her A-level studies at one of the schools where GLAMI is implementing Binti Shupavu. A good student who is respected and well-liked, learn how Patricia’s Binti experience made her the perfect spokesperson to recruit girls to join Binti Shupavu and to reinforce the program’s value to parents and school officials.
  • 14:08 Navigating poor infrastructure. Due to poor infrastructure, there are times when GLAMI Mentors are unable to reach schools. Some schools are only accessible in the final stretch by foot. In this rural region, students often face long walks to and from school each day, up to 10km each way. Hear how GLAMI is working to help Scholars navigate these long distances and stay in school.
  • 22:45 Curriculum highlights. Einoth shares some of the highlights of the Year 1 Binti Shupavu Scholar curriculum, narrating videos and images of Scholars engaging in program lessons.
  • 28:40 Girl-directed additions. Binti Scholars have asked for more career information and exploration and entrepreneurial programming. There is also a need to share more resources and information related to gender based violence and violence against children, learn how GLAMI has added new programming to the Binti Shupavu experience.
  • 34:00 Participating in global events. Binti Scholars have the chance to participate in global conversations during annual days like International Women’s Day, Menstrual Hygiene Day, and more. Learn how they participated this year.
  • 36:00 Parental engagement. Parents are key stakeholders that are critical to the success of this program. GLAMI holds meetings and sends monthly communications to build relationships with parents and to help them understand what their daughter is learning in the program so they can support her at home. Hear the story of twins, who are safely back in school thanks to the strong relationship GLAMI maintains between Mentors, parents, and schools.
  • 48:07 Anna’s Story. Learn how transformative the Binti Shupavu program has been for one Scholar who overcame a number of challenges to reach the program, who is now inspired to become a teacher because of it.