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Time for Fun!

Learning leadership and life skills is serious business.  So is mentoring and providing support to Tanzanian adolescent girls, many of whom have grown up in very difficult circumstances.


It is important to know, though, that AfricAid’s Kisa Project and Binti Shupavu Scholars have a lot of fun while learning.  And, this job brings great joy to our staff.  There is much laughter in the classroom and in the vans to and from our Partner Schools.


Hear the Laughter!


Read about the Mentors’ daily commute.  It always includes music!








Read about how a Mentor spends her holidays.









Read about how Scholars spend their time away from school.









Read about how after-school clubs enhance students’ school days.








AfricAid mentors secondary school girls in Tanzania to complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities.  We equip girls to overcome challenges and reach their full potential because educated girls create lasting positive change.  The outcome is proactive, resilient, and socially-responsible girls who secure better jobs, raise healthier families and increase the standing of women in society.


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