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The Power of Two: AfricAid Tanzania is now GLAMI

5.29.2020 – Nearly 20 years ago, AfricAid was formed to provide scholarships and direct support to schools in Tanzania. Since that time, your support has helped this organization grow in extraordinary ways, providing mentorship opportunities to nearly 10,000 girls who now understand their worth and have the skills and confidence to lead the lives they choose – thanks to you.


We have long had a presence in both the U.S. and in Tanzania, and you’ve come to know us as AfricAid and AfricAid Tanzania. But we’ve got big news to share: AfricAid Tanzania is now GLAMI (Girls Livelihood and Mentorship Initiative), a separate, independently registered nonprofit in Tanzania. GLAMI remains a locally-led organization, and has its own Tanzanian Board of Directors.


This is something that AfricAid has been working toward for years, and we are proud and thrilled that this long-anticipated move is finally reality! This is an exciting next step that will open the door to important new sources of funding for GLAMI and create more opportunities for AfricAid to elevate the proven results of the Kisa Project and Binti Shupavu programs.


In terms of where your generous donations will go: nothing has changed. Your gifts to AfricAid will still continue to support GLAMI and the girls’ mentoring programs they run. This is only a change in name. More than anything, this just makes official what has already been happening for years: GLAMI will continue to design, operate, implement, and measure girls’ mentoring programs locally, and AfricAid will continue to highlight and raise funding for this important work from the U.S. Together, we will continue to support a single goal: to raise the overall standing of women in society by supporting girls in becoming confident, resilient, educated leaders through robust mentorship programs.


We are truly excited about our path forward. And we remain grateful for the long-standing support that has helped us reach this exciting milestone.



Jessica Love, Executive Director, AfricAid

Devotha Mlay, Managing Director, Programs, GLAMI

Monica Swai, Managing Director, Operations, GLAMI