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The Kisa Project Expands with a New School in the Kilimanjaro Region

Now in its 8th year, the Kisa Project has developed an excellent reputation!  The impact of the Kisa Project and the improvement in the lives of our Scholars has been recognized by most of the schools in the Kilimanjaro and Arusha regions of Tanzania where we work.  For this reason, AfricAid understands the importance of continued expansion with new Partner Schools.


This year, AfricAid’s Kilimanjaro Region welcomed a new batch of 43 Kisa Scholars from Kifaru Secondary School in the Mwanga District.  A presentation was made to the Ministry of Education in Mwanga as well as to the Head of School, and they were very eager to have the program added to the school.  These enthusiastic young women are so glad to be the first at their school to gain the critical knowledge and beneficial skills of the Kisa Project.


Scholars take turns presenting on issues they observe within their home communities and their ideas for positive solutions.


Kifaru Secondary School, which has 967 students from Form 1 through 6, is located 18km from Mwanga District between the villages of Kifaru and Kituri.  This is roughly 60km from Moshi town, where the Kilimanjaro AfricAid office is based.  As with the other Partner Schools scattered around the countryside, an AfricAid driver takes the Kisa Mentor back and forth safely to her class each week.


Interestingly, Kifaru Secondary School was built on the grounds of a former military camp.  In 1982, the military camp provided 250 hectares for building a secondary school.  The school is famous because of the animals called Kifaru (rhino).  In past years, there were a lot of rhino who roamed near the school from the nearby Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Scholar listens to a story about a shoe salesman who took an optimistic viewpoint and was proactive to increase his business.


Adding Kifaru brings the total number of Partner Schools to 12 and the number of girls served to nearly 1,000 in the Kilimanjaro Region.


Aikande Robert Nkya, a Kisa Mentor in Kilimanjaro would love to let AfricAid supporters know on behalf of all the Kisa Mentors:


“We have personally seen the profound effect of the Kisa Project on the lives and communities of our Scholars.  We are looking forward to expanding into more schools in both Kilimanjaro and Arusha, allowing us to impact even more Tanzanian girls.  The interest and demand from schools in different regions all over Tanzania is also growing.  Since the Scholars come from towns and villages all over the country to attend our current Kisa Partner Schools, naturally, word is spreading.  We would like to keep the momentum going and expand into more schools in more regions.  We are so thankful for your continuing support that helps us to expand into these new schools. “


Kifaru Year One Kisa Scholars pose with Kisa Mentor Subira (far left).

20 More Sponsors Needed!

Note that Kisa Sponsor and Scholar pairs are currently being matched for the new class at Kifaru.   AfricAid’s Communications Director, Julia Gatten, personally visited Kifaru on October 11, 2017, met all the new Scholars and took these photos.  Wouldn’t you like to support and get to know one of these great girls?  Just contact Julia at and she will be happy to answer any questions.  Ready to get started?  Go here:


Contributed by: Aikande Robert Nkya, Kisa Mentor