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The AfricAid Scholarship Fund makes a University Education Possible!

Knowing education to be the key ingredient to leadership, AfricAid has expanded its support to make sure girls achieve their goals of going to university to become what they have dreamed to be in the future. The AfricAid Scholarship Fund is used to help pay the tuition fee for Kisa Alumnae who attend universities throughout Tanzania. The Scholarship Fund is available every year to Kisa Alumnae who apply. This year, 84 Kisa alumnae received funds, which were paid directly to their respective universities.


Here are three examples of grateful Kisa graduates who have benefitted from the scholarship.



Maureen, who is in her second year of studies at St. Augustine University taking a Bachelor of Public Relations and Marketing is thankful for AfricAid’s support to pay the tuition fee.

I am glad that AfricAid has paid my tuition fee. This is of great help as it gives me confidence to stay at the University, attend all classes and take university examinations without any disturbances from the University administration.  I can just imagine being chased out of an examination room because you have not paid tuition fees.  It pains and make you uncomfortable because you could see your dreams are dying.  I have no worries anymore as I am sure to achieve my dreams of studying hard to become a well- educated woman and role model to many girls in my community.”



To Charity, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Law at Ruaha University, the AfricAid Scholarship Fund is a big relief to her and her family.

“I am from a family of two children who are raised up by a single parent, my mother. I sometimes feel bad to seeing my mother troubling so much to get money to pay my tuition fee, and this also makes me study hard and perform well in my studies. This year, my mother and I appreciate the support from AfricAid as I am sure to be at the University to study and my mother is not worried for me. I promise to work hard and become a lawyer who will help women in my communities to know their rights.”




Selina is another Kisa Alumna who received a scholarship this year. Selina graduated from secondary studies in 2016 at Enaboishu Secondary School. She passed her examinations and qualified to join university, however she couldn’t start that year. She had to postpone because her family couldn’t afford her expenses at the university. She decided to wait for a year while looking for different jobs to save some money that she would use to pay her tuition fee. This situation was not ideal for her, but because Selina is a determined person, she did not want her dreams of going to university to die. She realized that AfricAid could be another hope for her. She decided to put in an application with the AfricAid Scholarship Fund and was successful.

I couldn’t believe that this year I am sure to join University and start my journey of studying for an Insurance and Risk Management Degree. I will always value being part of the Kisa family, as it has shown me the way to be confident in facing challenges and stick to my dreams – and now it has supported me in my university studies.”


For Tanzanian students, paying the university tuition fee has always been a big obstacle to achieving their dreams of a career.  Through the AfricAid Scholarship Fund, young women are helped to overcome this challenge.  These young women are becoming powerful leaders who are able to bring changes to their lives, their family’s prospects and their entire communities.


Kisa Alumnae who received the AfricAid Scholarship Fund award this year.


Contributed by:
Esther Piniel, Senior Kisa Mentor