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Thank you: Delivering COVID supplies to Partner Schools

Thank you for helping us keep Scholars safe.

Thanks to support from the generous AfricAid community, Scholars and Partner Schools were able to receive handwashing stations and other materials desperately needed to keep students safe when schools aross Tanzania reopened on June 29.


Mbokomu Secondary School 

‘’Thank you so much for the two tanks that you have supported us with, you have considered our school in that we have classes that are far apart from each other. We look forward to these tanks to help Scholars in the process of taking precautions on COVID-19 while at school. And thank you for the academic support that you have been supporting to Scholars during the COVID- 19 while at home. Pass our sincere appreciation to the whole team of GLAMI.’’ 

Chairperson of School Board at Mbokomu Secondary School


Mawenzi Secondary School

Thank you so much for the buckets you have supported us with, they will help during this time of us taking precautions on COVID-19. Let everyone in your organization know that we really appreciate your support.’’ 

  • Head of School at Mawenzi secondary School 


Mabogini Secondary School

We can’t thank you enough, because we had no idea how we were going to deal with students when they got back to school. Through these buckets and the hand wash soaps you have supported us with, it gives us hope that our school will be a safe place for our students who are getting back to school on Monday’’ 

  • Second master at Mabogini Secondary School


Karanga Secondary School

“Thank you so much for supporting our school with buckets, hand wash soaps and sanitizer. Not only Binti Shupavu Scholars will be safe but all students at our school will be safe. When we were told that you will be bringing us this stapport all teachers thanked you via our WhatsApp group, and on behalf of them, I would like to pass their sincere appreciation to you and the whole team of GLAMI.’’ 

  • Teacher at Karanga Secondary School 

Teacher and Binti Shupavu Project Manager based in Kilimanjaro at Karanga Secondary School


JK Nyerere Secondary School

“Thank you so much for being with us during this time where it is really difficult for us since we have a larger number of students and we only had very few buckets. Now that you have supported us with the tank that can be operated by foot, our students will be safer while here at school. May God bless you abundantly.”

  • Head of School at JK Nyerere


“Thank you so much our dear mentors from GLAMI, you have really been taking good care of us during the COVID-19 break. Now that we are back at school you have thought of helping us with the water tank for handwashing so that we can continue to take precautions while at school. Thank you so much and God bless you.” 

  • Binti Shupavu, Y4 at JK Nyerere Secondary School

Binti Scholar at JK Nyerere giving a word of thanks

Mringa Secondary School

“Please pass my gratitude to the GLAMI administration, the school is very grateful for the support. The two hand washing stations will cover so many students. The tanks will be stationed at the main entrance to be used when students arrive in the morning. We have many students, so 1000 litres of water is enough every morning, and it is easier compared to when they were using buckets which were required to be filled with water every few minutes. 

  •  Head of school

Kisa Project manager and Head of School at Mringa standing in front of the washing stations donated by GLAMI.

Irkisongo Girls High School

“Today I will have a proper sleep, knowing the girls will be safe when they return back to school. We will have more stations for the them to clean their hands at any time. Please pass my sincere gratitude to the top management of GLAMI and your sponsors as well.” 

  • Head of School

Kimnyaki Secondary

A Binti Scholar responded through her parent’s phone:

“I would like to thank you for bringing us the buckets and soaps to clean our hands. One has been stationed at the door of our classroom. I am so proud to be in the [Binti] program. May God bless you all.”


Nkoanrua Secondary

“I have been waiting for your call since morning, thank you for sharing the good news! The buckets and soap will help our students to be able to wash their hands at any time.”

  • Head of School

School security guard at Nkoanrua Secondary receiving the cleaning equipment.

Kipok Girls Secondary

“Thank you for thinking of the girls, especially during this difficult time. With the little funds we get from the government, I wouldn’t be able to purchase all of these equipment. Your assistance will help not only the girls but also the teachers and other staff within the school.” 

  • Head of School



“15 litres of Dettol is very much enough for us. We will be mixing a very small amount of it in the water that will be used by students and staff for washing their hands. The 15 bottles will last long, I do not have stress any more. Thank you so much for the support.” 

  • Head of School


“Thank you so much GLAMI, 50 litres of handwashing soap will take us very far. Soaps are the one thing that we will be required to have a lot of in our stock. We are very grateful for the support, as it has really solved the challenge we have been anticipating.” 

  • Assistant Head of School

    Assistant Head of School and Form Six students at Enaboishu Secondary, after receiving the cleaning equipment.

Tarakea Secondary School

“We are grateful to have such an organization that keeps on thinking about us.” 

From our Mentor: At the beginning, this Partner School thought GLAMI support would only be for Kisa Scholars, but they were surprised to see that it went to the whole school. The head of school and the liaison were so happy to have this quick response toward the COVID-19, and the other teachers were so happy for our great support, they wished us all the best and blessings in all of what we do.


Kibosho Girls

“I wish you the great blessings in all of your works, and may God increase you more as you keep touching the life of girls.”

From our Mentor: The Head of School was happy to see how we think of them and she sent many blessings to all of our work, and said she had asked God to bless us more and increase us in all of our work. She was so touched with our support.

Weruweru Girls

“Ooooh my, you guys are so helpful! I was wondering how we would get a second thermoscan, as so far we had one and it’s not enough for our whole school.” 

From our Mentor: The Head of School said she was so frustrated due to the fact that she had only one thermoscan at the gate and she had a total number of 700+ students. Having the second thermoscan was of great support to them, as soon after form six leave they will be receiving the new form five scholars. Having two thermoscans at the gate was a big support and a great help to them. She really thanks the GLAMI administration for keeping on thinking about them.

Weruweru Girls Head of School happily receives the thermoscan from the Kisa Project Manager in Kilimanjaro.


Nuru Secondary

“Thank you so much for the great support!”

From our Mentor: The Head of School was very happy receiving the hand sanitizer, and he was so thankful for all the support that we keep on providing.

The Head of School at Nuru secondary was so happy to receive the hand sanitizer from the Kisa Project Manager

Majengo Secondary

“Kisa is a great project. You guys keep on thinking about us! Last year, your Scholars built the notice board at our school; now we have a quick response toward COVID-19. As the head of school, I really appreciate your support!” 

From our Mentor: The Head of School was so grateful receiving hand wash and the bucket of water. He was happy to see that we still think of them, as just last year at his school, the Form Six students built the notice board. Now, he is receiving this quick COVID-19 response and he is thankful for this support. He wishes us blessings and gives many greetings to the whole team and the management.


Machame Girls

“GLAMI is a great organization, may God keep on blessing you for all of what you do. I will write an appreciation letter to the Director in thanks for thinking about us!” 

From our Mentor: The Head of School was so happy to receive 100 litres of soap, as she was thinking about how she can manage the whole bunch of 700+ students at her school. 

Kisa scholars happily receive the cleansing materials at Machame Girls Secondary School.

Magadini Secondary

“Thank you so much for the tank! We are happy that this could help us to cover many students around the school as we had many students at this school.” 

From our Mentor: The Head of School was happy to receive the handwashing tank with water taps to support the students in washing their hands quickly.


Msangeni Secondary

“I am so grateful for this support, as this will help to cover many scholars. It will be of big support to the future!” 

  • Head of School