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Sec. Condoleezza Rice Speaks to the Power of Mentorship & the Need to Support Organizations like Daring Girls

In a video recorded for The 2024 Daring Gala, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke about the importance of mentorship, education, and the need to support organizations like Daring Girls, that work to show girls that they have a right to education, and to dare to become who and what they want to be.

Transcript follows below.

Video Transcript:

“Hello. I’m Condoleezza Rice, and it’s a pleasure to talk a bit about Daring Girls, an organization that works to ensure women have the knowledge, tools, and mentorship to design their own futures.

I stand before you today not only a product of hard work, but as a product of the people who believed in me. People who made sure I knew that I deserved a high-quality education. People who saw something in me and helped me cultivate my talents and skills. I have worked in my life to pay this forward, investing in young people and their ability to become who and what they want to be.

Yet there are far too many young women in this world who do not have someone in their corner. Who are not offered or encouraged to take part in education that will transform their future. 122 million girls and women are out of school globally today – more than half of them live in Africa.

This is why organizations like Daring Girls are so important. When girls have access to education and mentors who help motivate them to apply themselves, societies change. Economies grow. Future generations become healthier. Societies become safer and more secure.

When you support organizations like Daring Girls, you send a powerful message that every girl, regardless of background of circumstances, has the right to dream. A right to aspire, to achieve, and to succeed. Every girl deserves the knowledge and confidence to design her own future and dare to become exactly who she wants to be.

Because when she does, the world benefits.”