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Recruiting New “Daring Spirits”

Recruitment day is an exciting day for the Kisa Mentors, Year Two Kisa Scholars and new incoming Scholars alike. That’s because it’s our first introduction.  Everyone gets to meet the prospective Scholars, who are happy and eager to be part of Kisa family, and to start to get to know them.


It is also a time to see the impact of the Kisa Project on the Year Two Scholars, since they are the ones who market the program to the potential new recruits. It’s an opportunity for them to encourage and motivate younger girls to join. “Recruitment day has provided me with an opportunity to inspire my fellow girls and this made me know that I am more confident than before,” said Zainab, a Kisa Year Two Scholar.


In this year’s first quarter we recruited 30 Scholars at two Kisa Partner Schools in the Monduli District of the Arusha Region, Moringe Sokoine and Orkeeswa Secondary Schools.


Moringe Sokoine Orkeeswa
Applications Distributed 35 10
Applications Returned 29 10
Interviewed 29 10
Selected 20 10


During the interview process, the new Scholars showed a genuine interest and willingness to be part of the Kisa family. They were able to share how they have been inspired by the current Scholars because of the way they behave in school, their confidence and their daring spirits. This was common feedback from them.


“I have realized that during recruitment we are not just recruiting Scholars but are sowing the seeds for the Kisa project. This is why am very careful making sure that we get the right seeds for our project” said one of the Mentors.


This quarter’s recruitment process was very successful and we believe that we have got the right seeds for our project!

Prospective Kisa Scholars listen intently to a presentation about about the benefits of participating in the program.


Contributed by: Nice Kahembe, Kisa Mentor & Alumna