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Meet our new Kisa Mentors!

by Devotha Mlay, Kisa Project Manager, Kilimanjaro Region


When entering the AfricAid office in Kilimanjaro in 2014, you would have been welcomed by the sound of the door, and the sight of one desk, a chair, a cabinet and a yellow curtain, which was swinging on the only window in that small room, which felt as big as a conference hall.


Being the only Mentor in that office, I couldn’t help but feel lonely and alone. I had so much to share about my fabulous new Kisa Scholars and my new home, but there was no one to share that with. My favourite times then were when I would teach a Kisa Class and travel to attend Mentors’ meetings at the Arusha office once a month. During the Mentors’ meetings my heart would be filled with joy, sharing with my colleagues about Kisa Scholars in Kilimanjaro and how amazing it was to be in a new place.


In 2015, we added two fabulous staff members in the Kilimanjaro office and this was a great achievement for the office, and for me.  Having people to talk to and share ideas made the office more inviting.  With the steady growth of the Kisa Project in this region, we have recently added three more Mentors.  The six of us now support 11 partner schools with 647 Kisa Scholars.


Our office is a place filled with laughter and so much support for one another.  We’d like to introduce you to our three newest team members!  (Pictured left to right in the photo.)


Magdalena Kitinya was a Kisa Scholar and she graduated in 2013. She then Joined Makumira University and earned a Bachelors Degree of Law. Magdalena also volunteered as a Kisa Mentor during her university breaks. Magdalena says that she is very happy to join AfricAid as a full time Mentor because it is a great opportunity to for her to talk to her fellow girls and inspire them and this fills her heart with so much joy.


Mwajabu Msofe was also a 2013 graduate of the Kisa Project. She has Bachelors Degree in Accounts and Finance. Mwajabu says that she is very excited for this opportunity because she will get a chance to motivate and inspire Kisa girls to reach their goals and visions.


Aikande Robert says that she has always believed that she was born to bring positive changes in her community and being part of the Kisa Project is making her dream of helping girls a reality. She was previously working as a Feminine Health and Empowerment Officer at the Anza Organization. She has a Bachelors Degree in Community and Economic Development and a Masters Degree in Cooperative and Community Development.


Welcome to AfricAid, Magdalena, Mwajabu and Aikande!