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Kisa – Total Inspiration!

by Subira Manyama, Kisa Mentor


“Kisa – Total Inspiration” are the words of Margareth Daniel Muro, a second year Kisa Scholar from Kibosho Girls Secondary School.   This is the powerful way she describes the program and her transformative experience.


Previously, Margareth didn’t know the importance of being a leader.  She thought that leadership was non-compromising work. She never had a dream, nor did she know the difference between a goal and a vision. Through the Kisa Project, she has learned that leadership is about having confidence during setbacks, stepping back so that others can step up, and leading changes. She also learned that leaders don’t just do things, they change things. They listen with a goal of learning, encourage others, and maintain a focus on the future.  She can now see the importance of being a leader, and she is enjoying the journey of being part of transformation in her community.


Margareth says the knowledge she has obtained from Kisa has enabled her to practice leadership skills by becoming a school class leader, something that she never thought of being before. “I couldn’t do any of this if it wasn’t for Kisa. It has made me who I am today: strong, confident, and dreaming big, while realizing my potential and abilities.”  She values her two precious years as a Kisa Scholar.


Through Kisa, Margareth has obtained a clear focus and positive attitude towards her vision, which is to become a professional air hostess and establish airline services that will provide employment opportunities to her community.  Within the next ten years, she also has a goal of establishing an orphanage.  This is part of her determination to “SHARE GROW LEAD.” She has already found her ‘dream partner’ in the program, Susan, and they are both looking forward to establishing an organization offering several humanitarian needs and seminars. “Thank you Kisa for empowering me and I will empower my community too.”


Contributed by: Subira Manyama, Kisa Mentor & Alumna