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Kisa Liaisons’ Meeting in Kilimanjaro

Kisa Liaisons are the teachers from the respective Kisa Partner Schools, who work as intermediaries between AfricAid, Kisa Scholars, and school administrations. They pass information from the school to the Kisa Mentors, and the Mentors communicate with the Liaison about the progress of the classes, or give them any important news to pass along to Kisa Scholars and school administrations.


On the 4th of February, AfricAid conducted a meeting with the Liaisons from all 11 Partner Schools in Kilimanjaro Region.


Through the Kisa Liaisons, we get to know about challenges that are facing the program; receive updates on what is going on in the schools; and hear advice on how we can make the program move in a successful way. This meeting also helps us to plan so that the Kisa schedule fits with the school schedule. It is an important meeting that allows our project to continue in a positive direction, as AfricAid gets to know our Partner Schools better.


The Liaisons also share the challenges that hinder the Kisa Project.  For instance, we learned that there are remedial classes that sometimes conflict with Kisa Classes.  The Kisa Project Managers were able to work with the Liaisons to come up with alternative times for the Kisa Classes to be conducted.


The most important thing that we learned at this recent Liaison meeting was that the school administration and the students appreciate the work that AfricAid is doing. As a result of the meeting, we better understood the impact of our programs on Kisa Scholars in the respective Partner Schools.  One Liaison, Madam Magdalene, told us that she appreciates our work and she said her school administration is thankful to have the Kisa Project as it is having a big impact on their girls. They also appreciate the support that has been given to one of their students from the Kisa Emergency Fund. The Fund helped to pay for the school fees of one of the Kisa Scholars and at the end she performed well in her exams, achieving Division 1.9.


Finally, the Liaisons suggested that we invite other students who are not in Kisa to some of our events, such as Health Symposiums (which you will learn about in a future blog) as they are helpful to all the students. “We are kindly asking for the Health Symposium event to be conducted to all the students rather than having a health symposium only to the girls within the project” said Madam Muki from Machame Girls Secondary School.


AfricAid appreciates the good work that is done by the Liaisons as it helps to achieve our vision and mission.


KISA LIAISON PHOTO – Kisa Liaisons from Machame, Kibosho, Weruweru and Secondary Schools with Kisa Project Manager Devotha Mlay (bottom right), some of the other teachers were supervising the students.


Contributed by: Aikande Robert Nkya, Kisa Mentor