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Kisa Computer Labs

Kisa Scholars trying out their new computers at Weruweru

In Tanzania, most of the high school students do not have any access to computers. Only a few students, who come from wealthy families have access to computers and know the basics of computers.

One of the benefits that our Kisa Scholars and our partner schools get from being part of the Project is computers. AfricAid provides 10 computers to each of our partner schools. The purpose is to help the Kisa girls to have access to computers, and to be able to enhance their computer skills, and also to help the schools to have computers to use when they need.

Kisa project has already provided about 80 computers to most of our partners schools in Arusha . These computers have been used by our Kisa scholars for different purposes. A big purpose has been giving opportunity to those who have never used a computer before to use one and learn the computers basics. But also, these computers have been used by the teachers and other members of the schools.

In July 2014, the Kisa Project expanded to new four schools in Kilimanjaro region.  These schools are Machame Girls High School, Weruweru Girls High School, Kibosho Girls Secondary School and Majengo Secondary School. In February 2015 the schools received ten computers each.

Kisa Scholars trying out their new computers at Weruweru

The Kisa scholars in Moshi were so happy to receive the computers and so were the schools. They are hoping to use them to learn more about computer technology which will help them a lot when they join universities after their final two years at high school.

Machame Kisa Scholars happy after receiving their new computers

At the schools which are in town and have access to internet connection, the girls will be using the computers to communicate with their fellow Kisa Scholars in other schools and sometimes with their sponsors through our website and our Kisa Facebook page.

We thank all of our sponsors and people who have been supporting the Kisa Project. Your support is transforming a lot of our Kisa girls’ lives.

By: Devotha Mlay, Kisa Mentor