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Kisa Classes Back in Session!

After the long Christmas Holiday and New Year celebrations, all Kisa Partner Schools re-opened in the second week of January 2017 and Kisa Mentors were back at the AfricAid offices preparing for their Kisa Classes.


In their first Kisa Classes, Kisa Scholars shared stories about their holidays, and they set personal and Kisa resolutions for the year. They also shared how they applied leadership skills and a new sense of responsibility during their holidays.


“During the holiday I was able to practice my leadership skills as a sister through taking a very good care of my siblings and always reminding them about their responsibilities.  It was a good experience as I turned out to be a role model to them and our neighbors’ children,” said Yasinta, a Kisa Scholar from Edmund Rice Sinon Secondary School.


Manka, a Kisa Scholar from Enaboishu Secondary School said, “This was my first holiday since I joined form five and the Kisa Project.  My parents and relatives were admiring me and said I have changed a lot.  ‘I have seen you doing many home activities without being told as we used to do before, and you have been setting time for doing revision on your studies without being followed up by anyone.  I can see many changes in you, my daughter,’ said my father.”


We also had two new Kisa Classes start the program at Moringe Sokoine and Orkeeswa Secondary Schools. During their first Kisa Class, new Kisa Scholars were very excited and happy to join the Kisa family and all shared their reasons for joining. “I am happy to be a Kisa Scholar and I believe that through the knowledge I will get from Kisa I will become confident and be able to help my fellow girls who are facing different challenges,” said Anitha, a Kisa Scholar from Moringe Sokoine Secondary School.

A Kisa Scholar shares how she spent her time over the Christmas holiday.


Over the holiday, “I found that I had become a role model for my siblings and my neighbors’ children,” said this Kisa Scholar.


Contributed by: Hadija Hassan, Kisa Project Manager