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Kisa Aumnae Mentor Skills Training

by Eligrania Lema, Binti Shupavu Project Manager


Last November, AfricAid was proud to hold our first alumnae training program, which was held in conjunction with our new Binti Shupavu Project.  The purpose of this annual training is to rejuvenate the young graduates of the Kisa Project at different stages in their lives and to remind them that they are and still can be mentors to many more girls and derive joy from mentorship.  We also continue to teach them organizational skills and discuss innovative social enterprises.  If there are any employment opportunities, this is the opportunity to announce it to them.


News about this training went out through various Kisa Alumnae social network groups, which included both recent Kisa graduates and those who recently graduated or are one year out from university.  The reception to the announcement was very positive and many girls were interested in attending.  Some were not able to commit to the dates due to conflicts with their university programs.


The training brought together girls from widespread regions so AfricAid provided accommodation during the two days of training, November 6-8.  It was so refreshing for the girls, as for some this this was the two day break they needed from their busy lives.  It was great to see the ladies having such a wonderful time together, catching up with their friends from high school, and discussing various topics – from the challenges they face in university to who is the most influential celebrity in the nation.


At the end of the training, the girls gave the team very encouraging feedback.  They said coming to the training session in the midst of their busy schedules was one of the best decisions they could ever make, and that the lessons they learned were new and absolutely added value to their lives.

Kisa Alumnae Mentor Skills Training, Nov 2016. A session on public speaking skills.
Kisa Alumnae Mentor Skills Training, Nov 2016. A session on public speaking skills.



Contributed by: Eligrania Lema, Binti Shupavu Project Manager