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Kisa Alumnae turn a Passion into a Paycheck

Twinsister Makeup is a salon owned by two Kisa Alumnae, Nengarivo Mathew and Winfrida Minja.  Nengarivo, 25 years old and Winfrida, 21, both went to Enaboishu Secondary School where they became involved with the Kisa Project. They graduated in December, 2017 from the University of Dar es Salaam where they each pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Education. (Nengarivo is pictured to the left in the photo above, and Winfrida on the right.)


Winfrida applies makeup to a customer at Twinsister Salon.

In this era they think it`s important for youth, including themselves, to be responsible for themselves and grab any opportunity at their door. With this in mind, they thought of starting a beauty business and they opened a salon. Their idea started as a passion.  During university, they used to braid their friends’ hair and help them apply makeup. Realizing that finding employment in Tanzania is really hard, even for university graduates, they thought of employing themselves, and decided to turn their passion into a paycheck.


To become more professional, Nengarivo applied to attend a makeup artists training event called Manjano Dream Makers. More than 200 people applied and Nengarivo was one of only 30 selected. At the event she learned about day and evening makeup techniques. She shared the knowledge with Winfrida. They also learn different skills through watching You-Tube videos on topics such as how to plait trending hairstyles, head wraps, facial products, skin care and health food. This knowledge helps them to be more creative, provide advice to their customers and offer a wide range of options to their clients.


To reach more people, they advertise their services through social media, like Instagram and Facebook, locally with posters and by word of mouth. They have built a portfolio of their clients’ photos and show them to potential customers that are interested in their services. In serving their customer, they sometimes travel to different regions of the country.  In August last year they went to Manyara for the first time.

A customer receives makeup from Nengarivo in preparation for a special event.


Nengarivo is applying a lot of Kisa knowledge to her day to day life and business.  She says, I think that Kisa is the best university I have been to so far!  Through the Kisa trainings, I have learned how to create a good business plan, effective networking, budgeting, saving, team work, personal leadership and understanding others.” She feels her future is full of blessings and hopes, and she believes she will employ many youth in the future.


Winfrida is equally enthusiastic about Kisa.  “I am very grateful that I had a chance to be part of the Kisa Project. I am a better person and I see a difference between myself and other girls the same age who had no chance to be in Kisa.

A satisfied customer texts a picture of her makeup job by Twinsister Salon.

She is positive and strongly believes that her actions impact her present and future, so she acts responsibly. She is hopeful about her future and believes in her ability to achieve anything she sets herself to do.


They both agree that all the knowledge they obtained from Kisa has been of benefit and they wouldn`t be as far without it. They believe respect, hardworking, planning and goal setting are good tips for anyone to help achieve their plans.




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Contributed by: Aikande Muro, Kisa Mentor and Alumna



AfricAid supports girls’ education in Africa in order to provide them with the opportunity to transform their own lives and the futures of their communities.  In 2018, 4,000 girls in Tanzania will be empowered through AfricAid’s two programs.  Binti Shupavu is a needs-driven training and mentoring program that gives vulnerable younger adolescent girls the knowledge, skills and support they need to stay in and complete secondary school.  The Kisa Project* delivers leadership and life skills training and mentoring to girls in their last two years of high school.  As a result, 98% of these young women enter university. Through the End of Year One Presentation and the 2 Day Challenge, Kisa Scholars identify problems in their communities and recommend solutions.  An active Kisa Alumnae Network enables graduates of the program to continue to learn from and support each other.


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