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Kisa Alumnae become Ambassadors for AfricAid

Twice yearly, AfricAid hosts lunches where Kisa Alumnae from different universities and working places get together to discuss what they are doing now and their future plans. These lunches are also a good platform for AfricAid to explain what is happening at our offices and promote job opportunities in AfricAid and other organizations. The most exciting thing about these gatherings is that different Kisa Alumnae from different Kisa Partner Schools are meeting and building a strong network to give back to their communities. Through their shared experience with Kisa, they are truly like a family and these young women love the 6 month reunions.


Recently, AfricAid conducted three lunches in Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Dodoma. These meetings were attended by a total of 128 Alumnae from different Kisa Partner Schools and different graduation years. Most of the Alumnae are currently enrolled at university, some of them are employed and some are entrepreneurs, and few are still searching for employment opportunities.


All of our Alumnae really appreciate the knowledge they got from Kisa. They claim that Kisa has helped them to face university life, and life after university. For example, one young woman said that “to many Form Six graduates their main goal is to pass their final exams, get accepted to join university and get a study loan from the government.  When things don’t go as they plan, they become frustrated and give up their dreams. I am one of the graduates who had such plan but unfortunately, I did not get a study loan from the government. I was frustrated at first but I remembered learning in Kisa that we should be optimistic and see challenges as opportunities. I postponed my studies for a year, and now I am an entrepreneur. I am doing a mobile money transfer business and sell SIM card vouchers. I am also a life coach at Trevo Company. I am sure that I will be able to save enough money to join university this year. I couldn’t do this without Kisa”.

A Kisa Alumna shares her post-high school experiences with her fellow Alumnae.

Alumnae also use these meeting to share their different experiences with their fellows so as to encourage those who are hesitating to take a step in their lives or to chase a certain dream. Hellen, a Kisa Alumna from Cornerstone Leadership Academy (2013-2015) told her fellow alumnae how she started volunteering to mentor girls in a school near her university. She says many girls look up to and admire her a lot. As a result, she was able to meet with a lot of important people and was invited to go and give a speech about vision, education and creativity at an Easter conference held in Kagera Region.  Hellen is also following her dream of becoming a gospel singer and soon she will start to release her songs.


At the meeting in Dar es Salaam, Alumnae started organizing a charity event. They are planning to go and visit a centre for disabled orphans in that city. They each contributed a small amount of money to buy different supplies and they will donate them to the children in need at Kurasini Centre.


AfricAid is very proud of what Kisa Alumnae have accomplished. They act as good ambassadors for AfricAid and the Kisa Project, thereby extending the reach and impact of our organization.

Kisa Alumnae Network Gathering, Arusha, Spring 2017


Contributed by: Devotha Festo Mlay, Kisa Project Manager