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Kisa: A Place to Discover Myself

Meet Patricia, a Year 1 Kisa Scholar at Mwika Secondary School. Patricia says the secrets to her daily routine are respect, discipline and being proactive, all of which are self-awareness skills she obtained from Kisa.


“My daily routine seems majestic as a Kisa Scholar.  I make my week special by making Kisa classes every Friday a priority.  I do not miss them because I know I will add a lot of knowledge to my life by attending Kisa,” says Patricia.


Patricia is a disciplined student, starting with being a very early riser.  She wakes up each day around 4:00am for class preparations and private study with her study partner until 6:00am, when she goes for school morning prayers.  Prayer makes her feel more responsible as she starts her day with the Almighty.  Breakfast precedes the school assembly announcements and classes which begin at 7:30am.


Her favorite teacher is her general studies teacher.  In this class, they learn about many things that inspire them and encourage them to strive for success, so it is a great reinforcement to what is taught through the Kisa Curriculum.  Although mathematics is a great challenge to many, her math teacher is very good at explaining the difficult topic.  It is actually Patricia’s favorite subject.


Patricia’s week is the same, except for Friday.  This is her favorite day of the week, with two important extra sessions where she has time to work on things apart from school and studies.  These are a religious session, followed by Kisa Class.  She feels like Kisa is her family.  Even though it is a class, it is like home.  This is how she describes the supportive environment:


“It is a place to discover myself, dream big, grow my leadership story, and uncover life’s mysteries with my Kisa Mentor.  My favorite Kisa lesson is ‘Innovative Vision’ as it paves the way for changes in my life and my community as well.”


Check out this video where Patricia talks more about Kisa and the photos of her daily life at school:

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Patricia doing her daily duties as part of school activities.


Patricia drying her clothes in the sun.


Patricia and her classmates wash their shoes on the week-ends.


Patricia watering vegetables for the school shamba (garden).


Contributed by: Subira Manyama, Kisa Mentor & Alumna