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Hi, we’re Kinley and Liana.

Kinley is 6 years old and is in first grade. Liana is 4 years old and is in Pre-K. In July of 2024, we are going to visit a country that is very special to our family: Tanzania.

Our mom started a nonprofit organization there in 2001 called Daring Girls, which helps girls like us have the chance to go to school. As part of our trip to Tanzania, we want to raise money to support some of those students. Thank you for considering helping us to do so!

Help us Provide Scholarships and Emergency Support that Helps Keep Girls in School

We love our time in school, so want girls in Tanzania to have the opportunity to go to school also. We’re raising funds to provide scholarships to girls who participate in Daring Girls’ mentorship programs, and to help support girls who have emergency needs that arise during the school year that may prompt them to drop out of school (such as having to buy textbooks or uniforms when their families cannot afford to pay).

In thanks for your donation of $25 or more, we will send you a copy of Somebody Like Me.

This book was written by our mom, Ashley, and her close friend in Tanzania, Prisca. My mom and Prisca were pen pals in high school, and this book is about their friendship and the ways in which they changed each other’s lives over many years. We get to talk to Prisca ourselves sometimes, and we’ll get to meet her and her kids in July!

And here’s another cool fact: Prisca was the first female teacher in her rural village. As co-author of this book, part of the funds you donate will also go to support her in the inspiring work she is doing in her community to change minds about what girls can do.

Help us Reach our Goal of Lunch for Every Student, Every Day

Students who attend Losinoni Primary School in a rural part of Tanzania walk for miles to and from school each day, often without a school lunch. But they want to go to school so much that they attend anyway, even if it means they are hungry during the day. But if you’re hungry, it’s hard to concentrate on learning.

We want to help make sure that students in Losinoni have lunch while they are at school, just like we do. Can you believe that a donation of just $25 can help provide lunch for one day for up to 800 students in the school?

If you donate $25 or more to this campaign, we’ll send you a copy of the book On My Way to School in thanks. This book was written by students at Losinoni, and is about what kids just like us do and see on their walk to school each day. It’s been good for us to learn that other kids in other parts of the world have experiences getting to school that are different from our own. We think you’ll appreciate learning more about their journey to school, too!

See what it’s like for a Losinoni student to walk to school in this short video: