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It’s the End of One Journey and the Beginning of another for Kisa Graduates

As the Tanzania Advanced National Examination approached on May 2, 2017, many Advanced Level Schools hosted graduations for their finishing students.  Advanced Level, or High School, is the final level of two years in school, before a student joins university.  It is a very exciting moment as Kisa Scholars celebrate school, club and religious graduation ceremonies.


Machame Secondary School, one of AfricAid’s Partner Schools hosted graduation on April 8, 2017.  Graduates had the brightest smiles as their teachers encouraged them and gave them hope by calling them “University Students of 2017.”  They all believe they will make it to university!


Irene Mbena is among the Year Two Kisa Scholars graduating this year.  She is taking CBN (Chemistry, Biology and Nutrition).  She says “I’m so happy that I’m going to finish my A Level studies. I have been passing through challenges, but I give thanks to my family, teachers, and Kisa Mentors, who invested their time and resources in my education and to all my friends who supported me, to make sure that all is well”.  She added “I also thank Kisa for making me who I am today. I’m very confident and the good thing is that on the graduation day I’m going to give a presentation on Healthy Foods for the Brain”.


Seeing Irene’s and other Kisa Scholars’ Presentations at the school graduation day was a clear sign that they will be great leaders at university and in their community in general.  AfricAid was happy to see that many Kisa Scholars were awarded with gifts and certificates as the best students in different categories, including school leadership positions; academics and sports.


We congratulate all graduating Kisa Scholars and offer our best wishes to all Tanzanian Advanced Students on their National examination.


Eunice Dolvine, Kisa Scholar, presents about “Healthy Food for the Brain” at the school graduation day


Contributed by: Mwajabu Msofe, Kisa Mentor & Alumna