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Introducing Operations Manager Monica Swai

In March we introduced Kisa Project Managers, Esther Piniel and Devotha Mlay. This month, we’d like to introduce Operations Manager, Monica Swai.

Monica is part of the glue that binds our Tanzania office together. This multi-talented woman gets involved in things as diverse as office management, accounting, and public relations.  She is also a trained Kisa Mentor and fills in for other Mentors when they are unable to take a class.

Monica joined AfricAid in 2012. A graduate of the Institute of Accountancy in Arusha with an Advanced Diploma in Accountancy, this was the role she initially took on.

Monica says that she loves her job, especially because she gets to do so much more than what she originally thought she would. She loves her current role as Operations Manager, and the opportunity for growth the job has given her.  In addition, ‘AfricAid has given me the opportunity to touch someone’s life’.

Her most inspirational moment working on the Kisa Project was when she was still in the accountant role, and quite new to the organization. Monica was invited to sit in on some Kisa Classes so she could get a good understanding of the Project and meet some of the Kisa Scholars. On each occasion, Kisa Scholars wanted to hear a little about her and so she’d tell them her story. She didn’t think they’d be that interested, but something in Monica’s story of challenge and triumph touched the girls and she continues to receive letters from Scholars who want to connect with her personally because they are inspired by her story.

Not only does the Kisa Project motivate and inspire Tanzanian secondary school girls, they motivate and inspire each of us too!

By: Ngaire McCubben, Communications, External Relations and Fundraising Officer, Tanzania