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Intercultural Communication Project: Sharing Stories Across the Miles

AfricAid’s Kisa Project is a leadership program that is offered to girls in secondary school in Tanzania. Among other major topics are life skills and entrepreneurship. The whole course aims at raising confidence in young women, making them exploit their fullest potential and become leaders in their own lives and socially responsible leaders in the community.

In 2013 AfricAid decided on a program that allowed Kisa Scholars in Tanzania and high school students in the US to share, learn and grow together.  This program was designed to bridge the distance, cultural and communication gap between scholars and provide space for dialogue and reflection in regards to girl’s leadership, education and culture on both sides.

This has been done through guided communications between the US schools and the Kisa Scholars facilitated by the World Affairs Challenge (WAC) in the US. Schools in the US have been partnered with Kisa partner schools in Tanzania and have been exchanging questions and answers through videos.

Enaboishu Secondary School, Maasae Girls’ Lutheran Secondary School and Arusha Secondary School have been exchanging videos under assistance from their mentors Esther Piniel, Hadija Hassan and Gladys Richard respectively.

Tanzanian students have been excited to share what they know with partner schools in the US, but have been even more excited to receive videos from the US and watch them. This has made students feel as though they are all working together to build great leadership platforms and bridge communication between students in Tanzania and those in the US.

The videos below are an example of the awesome exchange between Kisa Scholars and a school in the US. In these videos scholars are talking about the leaders who are their role models and why. Hoping that you enjoy watching!

By: Gladys R. Mmari, Kisa Mentor