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Impacting our Community with the 2 Day Challenge

The 2 Day Challenge is the “graduation” of sorts for Kisa Scholars. It is the culmination of many months work of planning, observing, advocating and working as a team.  Once they have experienced this capstone community service activity, the Scholars who were part of the 2 Day Challenge can now say they are “Kisa Alumnae”. They have successfully completed all of the requirements of the course.


At the end of the fall term, 19 Kisa Scholars from Moringe School completed their 2 Day Challenge. Three teams completed three separate community activities in Arusha, Tanzania and there was much to feel proud about.



One group researched urinary tract infections (UTI) and delivered to their school mates a presentation about the condition and how to prevent it. Getting up in front of their friends to talk of such an intimate topic showed courage and commitment. The group then talked about cleanliness, and putting the money where their mouths are, they spent the day cleaning the school toilets.





Group two went to two local primary schools and presented talks on early pregnancy. Kisa Mentor Subira Manyama said, “It was a powerful moment to see young Tanzanian girls talking to other Tanzanian girls about topics that are very relevant to themselves. Acting as role models and peer mentors was an empowering experience for everyone involved.”


Kisa Scholars from Moringe School presented to this group of impressionable young girls for their 2 Day Challenge.



The third group performed two distinct activities. The first day they ran a discussion about HIV, discrimination and stigma with a local primary school.  Under the supervision of an AfricAid staff member, they spoke to the younger students in an age appropriate manner.  Day two saw them buy fruit and vegetables and bring the fresh produce to a home for people with disabilities. This visit provided plenty of fellowship activities, and everyone had such a wonderful day.


A Kisa Scholar from Moringe School leads a discussion on HIV and the associated discrimination and stigma.


Friends and supporters of AfricAid can be very proud of the graduates of the Kisa Project and how they form a team in order to strengthen their communities, whether it be their schools, the neighborhood surrounding their schools or their home villages and towns. These girls are brave, skilled and compassionate, which are exactly the qualities needed for strong leaders.


Kisa Scholars from Moringe School set a great example by cleaning their school toilets.

Explanatory Note:  The Kisa Project is a program for Advanced Level girls (i.e. in their 5th and 6th year of secondary school).  The Tanzanian school calendar for A Level runs from September-May and thus, the majority of 2 Day Challenge projects take place in the late spring.  However, AfricAid has two Partner Schools that have requested the program for girls in their 3rd and 4th year of secondary school, which is Ordinary Level.  (These are the highest grade levels taught at those particular schools.)  O Level is on a calendar school year, which is why their 2 Day Challenge projects took place at the end of the fall term.


Contributed by: Subira Manyama, Kisa Mentor & Alumna