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I Love my Mentor!

Jessica: “I love Madam Chonge. All the Scholars in the class love her. They respect, listen, adhere to what she says, and give her cooperation.”

My name is Jessica* and I am 15 years old. I am the only girl in the family of four children and am staying with both parents at Monduli near Maasaai Girls’ Secondary School.  Now I am in Form One at Kipok Girl’s Secondary School located in Monduli District.


Soon after joining Form One in this school, we were introduced to AfricAid and its two projects, Kisa and Binti Shupavu.  I was lucky to join Binti Shupavu and there I met Madam Chonge Tukwa.


Madam Chonge is my Mentor and she always comes to our school every Thursday for Binti Shupavu sessions. During the first time she came to my class, she told us that she was a student just like us.  She said she studied hard and now she is a lawyer by profession.  She loves her Scholars in the class and always advises us about school studies and our future life in general.


I really love Chonge because she teaches us very well. I find myself understanding her completely, which is not always the case in my regular school day.  I enjoy being taught by Chonge. The topic I loved the most when she was teaching is called Health and Wellness. What I liked most from it was how to deal with menstrual and personal hygiene.


Chonge is very confident, strong, respectful, and very loving to people in a way that I really admire. I want to be a soldier after finishing my studies and those are things I would like to have. Because she is my Mentor and helps me so much, I believe I will fulfill my dream of becoming a good soldier.


There are other qualities Madam Chonge has, which I also like. She has a good heart. She is quiet and always appears very smart and decent. I really admire her kindness, how she respects us, and the way she puts on decent clothes.


I want to give advice to Madam Chonge: keep on having a good heart, keep on being like you are and do not change.


Binti Shupavu Class at Kipok Girl’s Secondary School. Jessica is first row, far right, holding the large envelope.


* AfricAid’s policy is to change the names of program participants, so this Binti Shupavu Scholar’s name has been changed.


Contributed by Rachel Edwin Banda, Binti Shupavu Mentor and Kisa Alumna