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Hope & Courage: Expectations for Binti Shupavu in 2018

There is an air of expectation as the New Year starts for both Binti Shupavu Scholars and new Binti Shupavu Mentors. 2018 will be an exciting second year for Binti Shupavu as expansion of the program brings many new individuals with all different types of expectations into the Binti Shupavu family.


  • Scholars are starting back at school and commencing new Binti Shupavu levels.
  • 13 new Mentors are starting new jobs.
  • Experienced Mentors are starting new managerial positions
  • A group of young girls who have recently started their secondary school education are getting an opportunity to join the program this year.


Before the Binti Shupavu Classes started this year, we asked Scholars and Mentors about their expectations for 2018.


Binti Shupavu Scholars’ Expectations

Scholars mentioned many expectations for Binti Shupavu 2018, such as helping each other, giving each other hope and courage, putting into practice all the skills they will gain from Binti Shupavu Classes and giving the best in their studies for better performances.  The following are a few examples of Scholars’ hopes for the year 2018:


 “I expect to put into practice what we are going to be taught, that I will be a courageous women, brave, respectful, self-aware and when my fellow girls are wrong I will correct them by guiding them so together we can all be on the right path. No matter how challenging things are, I will be resilient. I expect to complete my Lower Secondary School education. By 2019 I will be in Advance secondary taking Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG).’’

(Translated from Swahili) Year Four Scholar 2018


“In 2017 we learned so many things, like internal and external motivation. I have tried to use the skills that we were taught in the Studying Skills and Strength and Resilience units relating to our daily lives and I see positive results. I believe in 2018 we will have the successes and we will be taught even more than before”.

(Translated from Swahili) Year Two Scholar 2018


“I expect to study hard, listening and focusing on what the teacher teaches. I expect if I study hard and learn as much from Binti Shupavu as I did last year I can teach my fellow girls in the street. I also expect to perform well and after performing well I expect to be like Binti Shupavu Mentors”.

(Translated from Swahili) Year Four Scholar 2018


Binti Shupavu Scholars brainstorm their expectations for 2018 with Project Manager Asimwe Suedi.


Binti Shupavu Mentors’ Expectations

Our new Mentors are very excited to get their classes up and running. The majority of them are Kisa Alumnae and now they have the chance to be role models and influence other girls. They have spent 5 days in counseling training, and have had a week’s orientation with AfricAid. With all the preparations for the classes completed, they are very keen to get started.  Almost the full Binti Shupavu team, which includes 3 Managers and 14 Mentors, is pictured at the top of this blog.  (Note that 2 of the Mentors begin work in March, 2018 and are not in the group photo.)


Following are a few quotes from our Mentors:


‘’ I expect to see the communities understanding the importance of supporting girls’ education. I expect to see the number of girls who drop out, early marriages and early pregnancies decreasing”.

Chonge, Arusha Binti Shupavu Mentor


‘’I am expecting to inspire, support and motivate Scholars in realizing their potential and developing their strategies to overcome challenges. I also expect to grow professionally and learn new things that will help me to reach my further goals. I expect to make new friends and connections as well”.

Dianarose, Kilimanjaro Binti Shupavu Mentor


We hope that all these very positive expectations will give us a strong start for the year, and motivate all of us to do our very best.


Contributed by Theresia Mgoye, Binti Shupavu Mentor