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Health & Wealth Day: Using Entrepreneurial Skills Training to Empower Women

Through the support of GLAMI’s Binti Shupavu program, many Binti Shupavu Alumni have graduated from lower secondary schools but have not had a chance to pursue further studies due to lack of financial support and poor academic performance. However, GLAMI’s outcomes prove that Binti Shupavu Alumni are proactive, resilient, and socially-responsible girls who secure better jobs, raise healthier families, and increase the standing of women in society. Through GLAMI’s annual Health and Wealth Day for Binti Shupavu Alumni, these women have an additional opportunity to sharpen the skills they need to take control of their futures. On this day, GLAMI Mentors and guest speakers cover topics such as:


Mindset transformation towards living life to the fullest potential

Worldview influences the way human beings behave. Therefore, changing our worldview, or mindset, helps change our behavior. With an empowered worldview, Binti Shupavu Alumni will develop the courage to stand against harmful cultural norms and live their lives to the fullest potential. Covering this topic during Health & Wealth Day results in women who are independent, financially stable, in good health, can impact their communities for the better, and have an improved understanding of integrity and justice.


Entrepreneurship and qualities of a business personnel

Effective social entrepreneurship is the act of using talent, skills, and raw materials to transform problems into opportunities for the service of making profit while also providing solutions to prevailing issues within a community. Binti Shupavu Alumni are highly advised to become social entrepreneurs so they can bring positive changes to their communities that will encourage more parents to educate their daughters.


Overview of a business proposal write-up

All Binti Shupavu Alumni are trained to write business proposals, focusing on the key areas such as business ideas, profit, management, promotion, legalities, and budget. All participants develop a business proposal and are given time to present and receive feedback.


Budgeting and saving in relation to business and long-term goals

Binti Shupavu ALumni are exposed to basic financial management concepts and savings skills. Participants are encouraged to expand their savings plans and discuss tips for doing so, and also learn the difference between saving for an emergency fund and saving for seed capital.



At the end of the training day, all participants form an action plan for immediate implementation. These plans commit them to making improvements in areas such as positive mindset and character, qualities of a business personnel, recognizing business opportunities, business management, saving, expanding, and budgeting.


Overall, Health & Wealth Day was a huge success, as each participant was encouraged by professionals to pursue their proposed business plan. We can’t wait to see what incredible ideas each Binti Shupavu Alumni brings to life and the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on their communities!