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Getting to Know Lizzy!

AfricAid welcomes our new Development Director, Lizzy Beach.  Lizzy is already hard at work planning and executing fundraising activities to support AfricAid’s growth in 2017 and beyond.  She is excited to build relationships with AfricAid’s loyal supporters and attract new donors to become part of our exciting success story.  We got to know more about Lizzy in this recent interview:


Briefly share your life story.


I am brand new to Colorado, having recently arrived from Los Angeles where I served as Director of Development for a small non-profit for the past four years.  Immediately prior, I lived in Swaziland (2010-12) where I was a volunteer working with UNICEF-initiated Neighborhood Care Points (a rural point of service that offers one meal daily and pre-schooling for kids ages 0-5).  I lived immersed in Swazi culture, having several adopted families – eating and cooking Swazi food, singing, dancing, worshiping, joining family weddings and funerals, and all holiday festivities.  I loved every minute of it, and cannot wait to visit Tanzania, meet the Kisa Scholars, and learn more about Tanzanian customs!


A peacemaker and life-long learner, I have a Masters of Theological Studies with a focus on Interfaith Intercultural Intersection, and a Bachelors in Peace Studies.  Making friends around the world is one of my favorite ways to break through the fear of the unknown and build trust.  Haiti, El Salvador, Bosnia, Israel/Palestine, Ghana, Okinawa, South Africa, and of course my second home of Swaziland are among my favorite places in the world.  I believe singing and laughter may just heal the world’s broken heart.


Why are you passionate about Girls’ Education?


Around the world, I have witnessed girls being choice-less, living in their gender-prescribed role of marrying young, raising children, getting a job to support the family or heading to the fields to sow crops, being forced to place school on the back burner or drop out completely.  And yet, when given the opportunity to attend school and the setting to thrive, girls are empowered to not only transform their own lives, but the futures of their communities.


Why do you want to fund raise for this cause and for AfricAid in particular?


As the African Proverb says, Educate a man, and you educate an individual.  Educate a woman, and you educate an entire family, and in turn, a nation.  I firmly believe, as AfricAid does, that Girls have Rights – that Girls are Capable – and that Girls CAN and DO ignite change.  This ignites my passion to the core!


Is there anything else you’d like AfricAid supporters to know about you?


I’m thrilled to be spearheading the funding efforts for a mission I believe in so fervently and know that together, we can change lives.  


Lizzy’s Favorite:


  • Philosophy:  “Ubuntu” — a South African humanist concept that translates to “I Am because We Are,” underscoring humanity’s interconnectedness
  • Interests:  hiking, biking, adventuring, karaoke, and writing jingles (and as you may have noticed from her photo, skiing!)
  • Music: anything I can sing along with!
  • Book:  Old Turtle by Douglas Wood
  • Movie: The Wizard of Oz
  • Holiday:  Halloween (because it’s my birthday season)
  • Food:  a tree-ripened summer peach… and in second place, avocado!


Contributed by: Alecia McClure, AfricAid Communications Volunteer