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Farewell Dada Tait

It was with great sadness, and much gratitude, that AfricAid Tanzania staff last week said farewell to Kisa Project pioneer Tait Flint.
Tait was part of AfricAid’s Kisa Project from the very beginning. She was employed as AfricAid’s Country Director in 2010, after five years of teaching Tanzanian youth about HIV/AIDS and Life Skills first with the U.S. Peace Corps, and then with Peace House Secondary.
When Tait started, AfricAid had just two Kisa Partner Schools and 22 Kisa Scholars. Working alongside one of the very first Kisa Mentors, Anande Nnko, Tait helped to lay the groundwork for the powerful and transformative project which Kisa has become. Since those early days, hundreds of young women have graduated from Kisa.
Tait‘s passion for girls’ education and generous spirit still resonate within the team. AfricAid Tanzania staff are a tight-knit group who are not only working hard to change the gender status quo in Tanzania, they are also investing in each other by creating a positive, supportive, and respectful work environment.
Tait stepped down as Country Director at the end of 2012, but she continued to inspire and mentor AfricAid staff as a trainer, coordinating and delivering a range of professional development opportunities for staff.
She will be missed greatly. But if the tearful farewell speeches are anything to go by, she will not soon be forgotten.
As she heads back to the US with her family after 11 years in Tanzania, we’d like to wish her all the very best for her new adventure. But no matter where she ends up, she will always be part of the AfricAid family.