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Why did you change your name?

It was hard to say goodbye to AfricAid, a name we’ve held for more than twenty years. But, it was time. Daring Girls better communicates what we do, and what we are working toward. It also reflects our organization’s long-held spirit, which has always centered around supporting girls with the knowledge, tools, mentorship, and locally driven support to confidently design their futures. We’re working toward a world where every girl has the skills, confidence, and savvy to dare to become who she wants to be. We are excited to embark on this journey as Daring Girls and look forward to continuing to support girls’ education and leadership development in Tanzania – and beyond.

Our name has changed, but our dedication to locally led girls’ mentorship programming and our flagship partner in Tanzania, GLAMI, will remain the same. Please check out our What We Do page to read more.

How did you choose the name Daring Girls?

It came from GLAMI Mentors! Over the years, Mentors began referring to their Scholars as “Daring Girls,” both to inspire them to confidently use their voices and actions to take charge of their futures, and as a nickname for girls who go above and beyond in applying program lessons to lead and drive progress in their lives and communities. We love that the name came directly from the Mentors, and we love that our new name connects our past to our future: a future full of many more girls, in many more places, who will gain the knowledge and tools to dare to confidently design their futures thanks to the mentorship programming we support.

Check out this video to hear, in their words, how current and former Mentors have used the phrase “Daring Girls” over the years:

I just mailed a check made out to AfricAid. Can you still accept my donation?

Yes! When we filed to legally change our name to Daring Girls, we also filed a DBA to continue legally doing business as AfricAid. This means that we will be able to accept checks and other payments made out to either Daring Girls or AfricAid for the foreseeable future.

Why don’t I see Daring Girls listed when I try to donate via my DAF?

Since the name change is new as of April 2023, it will take a little time for Daring Girls to show up if you are donating via DAF, but you should still be able to find us under our previous name, AfricAid, Inc. Because we filed a DBA to continue to do legal business as AfricAid, we have transitioned in a way that will allow us to continue accepting your tax-deductible gifts as either Daring Girls or AfricAid. One day soon after changes work through systems, it will be easier to find us listed as Daring Girls!

Will my recurring donations to AfricAid still be processed as usual, now that you are Daring Girls?

Yes. In fact, on your bank/credit card receipts, your donations may still show up as processing to AfricAid for a month or two longer as we transition our bank accounts. But there is no action required on your part to continue your monthly recurring gifts (which we deeply appreciate!).

I have included AfricAid in my estate plans. Will I need to update my will in order to make a legacy gift one day?

It’s a good idea to do this the next time you make changes to your estate plans, but because we can continue to legally operate under the name AfricAid, Inc. through our legally registered DBA, your wishes should be granted as instructed. AfricAid should be able to accept payments and transfers from your estate as either Daring Girls or AfricAid for the forseeable future. 

Please know how grateful we are that you have chosen to ensure that you leave a legacy of helping girls see and reach their potential. What an incredible gift you have chosen to give.

Will my donations to Daring Girls still be tax-deductible?

Absolutely! The only thing changing is our name. Our 501(c)3 tax status will remain the same and our Tax ID (EIN) number will remain the same as well: 84-1549841.

Will my donation still support girls’ mentoring programs in Tanzania?

Yes! More than 20 years ago, AfricAid was founded to support Tanzanian girls in securing educational opportunities that could transform their futures. We’ve been through many chapters over the years – as AfricAid, then as AfricAid and AfricAid Tanzania, and now as Daring Girls and GLAMI. We plan to continue supporting girls in Tanzania as long as they want our support. But, now your gifts can go even farther as Daring Girls and GLAMI work together to take this programming deeper into Tanzania, and into new countries.

Will the name change affect your relationship with GLAMI in Tanzania?

It will not. We still work in support of GLAMI’s work and the UNESCO Award-Winning mentoring programs they lead in Tanzania. Together, we are also working to deliver these programs to more girls in more places – and we both hope to support many more Scholars over many more decades through these mentoring programs in the future.

Will you still work in Africa?

Yes! We plan to stay in Africa, supporting GLAMI in Tanzania and new partners through a pilot program in other African countries. Eventually, we’d love to see how these robust, successful mentoring programs could be adapted to serve girls beyond Africa. But that’s still a bit down the road.

Where should I go to find you now on social media?

If you’re already following us, there’s no need to do anything – we changed the name on the handles you’re already following, so just sit back, scroll, and please like and share our new Daring Girls content freely!