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The Daring Gala

April 27, 2024 | 6pm | Posner Center for International Development

Join us on Saturday, April 27 for a festive evening that will include a social hour, silent auction, and an inspiring program celebrating
the Daring Girls and GLAMI expansion into Kenya through our newest partner, CWE-TECH (Centre for Women Empowerment in Technology).

Emceed by 9NEWS Anchor Anusha Roy

Heavy East African hors d’oeuvres and libations will be available throughout the night, including vegan and gluten free options.

Thank you to our event sponsors for igniting change for girls!

Silent auction items generously donated by:

Guest of Honor:

Dr. Judy Makira

Co-Founder and CEO of CWE-TECH

Dr. Judy Makira is a distinguished Kenyan academic, community activist, and social entrepreneur known for her significant contributions to women’s empowerment and integration of technology in socio-economic development. As co-founder of CWE-TECH, Dr. Makira has been at the forefront of championing the cause of women in her community by leveraging technology to foster socio-economic growth and development. Her vision for CWE-TECH was born out of a deep concern for the challenges women face, particularly in accessing opportunities that could transform their lives and, by extension, society as a whole.

In 2023, Dr. Makira’s successful application to pilot the Binti Shupavu mentoring program in Kenya propelled CWE-TECH become Daring Girls’ and GLAMI’s first partner to pilot this program outside of Tanzania. (Read more about our partnership, meet the CWE-TECH mentors, or learn how to join Daring Girls on a visit to CWE-TECH in Kenya this summer.)

Dr. Makira’s academic tenure as a lecturer at Embu University underscores her commitment to education and knowledge dissemination, particularly in fields that can empower communities through sustainable development practices. Her academic pursuits are paralleled by her active involvement in community development, where she has utilized her platform and expertise to advocate for the integration of technology in everyday socio-economic activities, with a keen focus on uplifting women.

In addition to her work with CWE-TECH and her academic career, Dr. Makira ventured into politics, running for a parliamentary seat in Kenya, the first woman to do so since the 1960s. Her political campaign highlights her dedication to public service and her desire to influence policy and governance for the betterment of her constituents.

Dr. Judy Makira’s multifaceted career reflects her unwavering commitment to social change, women’s empowerment, and the belief in technology as a catalyst for development. Her efforts continue to inspire many, both within Kenya and beyond, as she works towards her dream of eradicating poverty among women and fostering an inclusive society where technology plays a pivotal role in development.

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