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Channeling Christian Dior

Lily* is a Form 6 Scholar at MaaSae Girls Lutheran School. For Career Day, she joined a team of Scholars that wish to become fashion designers.

Inspired by Christian Dior, she created a wedding gown, complete with accessories from earrings to sandals, made completely out of newspaper.

This is how she came up with the idea:

“In my leisure time, I look on Instagram for Christian Dior, and I see many designs of clothing and shoes. I wanted to design a wedding gown. But I didn’t have a piece of clothing. So, what can I do? What I can afford right now is using magazine [newspaper]. After making that gown, I also used magazine to make the earrings, also a necklace. I became a woman in the wedding.”

After their presentation, Lily and her team of fashion designers had the opportunity to meet with a professional designer via Zoom. She was inspired by advice she received from the professional to think about her designs a lot, and to let them evolve. When a design is in one’s mind, she learned, it can sometimes be very different once the work begins to apply that design. She learned to be open to opportunities to change and iterate her designs as she creates them.

When Lily grows up, she wants to become an important fashion designer, just like Christian Dior. She will apply the lessons she learned today as she advances her education and training.

“I think today I got something more than which I could never wonder to get. So, thank you for Kisa and thank you for this Career Day. They inspire me to do much!”

How Career Day Helps Scholars Visualize Their Futures

Career Day is an important component of Kisa Project, the two year mentoring program led locally in Tanzania by our sister organization, GLAMI.

The culmination of nearly a year’s worth of career exploration for girls in their second year of Kisa Project, Scholars work in groups over several months to select and research future careers, in preparation for Career Day in the fall. On this day, Scholars will give small group presentations about their selected careers to professionals who work in these same fields. Afterward, these professionals are available to answer questions and share advice on what it will take for Scholars to reach their goal.

Career Day programming helps girls visualize their futures and set goals. Learn how your donation could help programming like Career Day continue to support Kisa Scholars.