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Binti Shupavu Scholars Share what They’ve Learned

It has been nine months now since Binti Shupavu commenced and we wondered:


  • Have Binti Shupavu Scholars noticed any changes in themselves?
  • Have they been able to apply what they’re learning? What and how?


There are 20 Binti Shupavu Classes comprised of Year One and Year Three (O Level) Scholars.  With 40 girls in each class, a total of 800 girls are receiving this valuable growth experience.  Thus far, Binti Shupavu Mentors have delivered four out of five units of the carefully designed curriculum in weekly lessons.


AfricAid believes the knowledge and skills provided so far have helped Scholars become more determined to stay in school. It has been interesting to hear from the Binti Shupavu Scholars themselves about what they have learned – and if and when have been able to apply the skills. In two Partner Schools, a few Scholars were asked to volunteer to share, but we had many Scholars who willingly wanted to give feedback. Therefore, we asked Scholars to write down their reflections. It is encouraging and motivating to hear from Scholars on how Binti Shupavu is helpful to them in the early years of the program.


The Scholars shared how they have been using the skills they have learned in class and how they are noticing changes. It was commonly shared that the skills have been helpful in educating others both at home and at school.


Neema* wrote  ‘’After being in Binti Shupavu I have realized that am confident, especially the day when a man approached me, as I remembered that am Binti Shupavu (courageous daughter). Suddenly, I was brave enough to speak confidently to the point that other girls learned from me’’.


One Scholar went far beyond the lessons to mention how grateful she is that her parent attended the BintiShupavu annual Parent Engagement event.  She notices improvements in her relationship with her parent which makes her feel good and supported academically.


A Binti Shupavu Scholar is captivated by a lesson.


Suzan* – Unit 1:  Internal Motivation & Personal Leadership.

’ Before I didn’t like to lead myself and brainstorm minor issues, but since I have been in Binti Shupavu and learned this lesson for the first time, I understood it and started to be responsible and I lead myself’’.


Jamila* – Unit 2:  Health & Wellness

“ I used to wear a pad for the whole day without changing, but after I was taught and understood well, I realized it is a must to change a pad after every six hours.’’


Ikunda*- Unit 3:  Study Skills

The Study Skills unit was the unit most Scholars identified as being of the most help and one concrete sign of the program’s success is improvement in grades.  In Tanzania, academic performance correlates to a Division.  Division 1 is the highest with a cumulative score of 7-17 across their 7 best subjects. (1 point is awarded for an A (85-100%), 2 points for a B (65-84%) and so on).  The next best performance is Division 2 with a score of 18-21.  A score of 22-25 results in Division 3, and 26-33 in Division 4.  Poorer performing students are unlikely to proceed from O Level to A Level (the last two years of high school).  A student fails with a score of 34-35 and will not advance to the next grade.


‘’The lesson I liked the most is ‘making a timetable and how to make studying groups.’ I used to have fear during examinations but now am confident. The lesson on making a timetable has helped me much because before I scored division 2:19 and now I scored division 1:13. I will put even more efforts through my timetable so that I score 1:7.  I am in a studying group of two, we study together. I thank Binti Shupavu for helping me in my academic studies.”


Asha* – Unit 4:  Developing your Potential

“The lessons have made me see myself as the most valuable person in my community and made me not to give up.”


*Please note all names have been changed to protect the privacy of our Scholars.


Contributed by: Asimwe Suedi, Binti Shupavu Project Manager