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Binti Shupavu in Action

Last month we introduced you to our new program, Binti Shupavu, which was designed for younger, more vulnerable, more rural girls. Binti Shupavu helps girls to stay in and complete secondary school, before going on to further education, vocational training, or employment opportunities. In 2017, we’re piloting the program in 10 schools across Northern Tanzania.


The four-year curriculum is delivered through a mix of seminars and classes, delivered weekly over the four years of a girl’s O Level* secondary schooling.  Each Binti Shupavu Scholar benefits from 30 classes per year, plus ongoing mentoring and support. Binti Shupavu Mentors are all Kisa graduates who, having completed university, are ready to enter the workforce. They understand well the challenges girls face and are eager to act as positive and inspiring role models. Each Mentor teaches five classes per week.

Girls learn to put big rocks in first.


Through Binti Shupavu, girls learn how to be focused, committed and proactive. They learn to believe in themselves, to see the possibilities and to strive for a brighter future. They become better able to overcome the many challenges that will inevitably confront them on their educational journey, and beyond. With the support of their Binti Shupavu Mentor, they develop their own personal strategies to succeed.


Unit 1 of the Binti Shupavu Life Skills and Personal Leadership Course focuses on internal motivation and personal leadership. Girls learn about the value of staying in school and finishing secondary education. They learn about healthy decision-making; how to manage competing priorities (shown in the photo above); self-motivation; and how to identify and work towards their hopes and dreams.


Classes are learner-centered and highly interactive – quite different from the usual Tanzanian classroom environment! Using a range of teaching methods and techniques, Mentors work closely with each girl, so that she can get the most out of the program. The passion Mentors have for helping younger girls is evident, and is something they develop when they are Kisa Scholars.


This year is a learning year for us, but we have high hopes for the program and look forward to bringing you monthly updates on how Binti Shupavu is progressing. For now, we hope you enjoy these photos of two recent classes in action!


*In Tanzania, the educational structure is based on the British system.  In high school, students attend 4 years of O Level classes, followed by 2 years of A Level.  Completion of O Level is a dropping off point for many students, and class tracks become more specific in A Level (a combination of three related subjects.)  AfricAid’s Kisa Project is offered mainly to A Level girls.


Each girl makes her own “Dream Tree.”


Girls share their “Dream Trees” with each other.


Contributed by: Ngaire McCubben, AfricAid Program Development Coordinator