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Back to School!

In many parts of the world, the end of summer also brings a return to school and the fresh start of a new school year.  In Tanzania, secondary school students, like our Kisa Project and Binti Shupavu Scholars, attend school year-round.


These blogs give a broad overview of what it is like to be a student in Tanzania – and where AfricAid fits in.  Academics are challenging for girls, especially those from rural communities, and there are a LOT of exams that require a LOT of memorization.  AfricAid’s after-school programs are the “icing on the cake” to a girl who has the opportunity to attend secondary school.  They build the “soft skills,” such as organizing, prioritizing, goal setting, and public speaking that build confidence and create society’s next generation of leaders.


Picture Yourself at School in Tanzania


A Lesson about School

Learn about Tanzania’s educational system from primary through secondary school, including subjects taught and national exams.

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A Day in the Life…

…of a Kisa Scholar.  Follow along with one of our program participants to see her typical day at school.

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School Holidays

What does the school calendar look like and what do students do during their time away from school?

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Exam Preparation

Binti Shupavu provides girls with essential study skills in order to prepare for important national exams.  These tests are a major hurdle to progressing from Ordinary Level (first 4 years of secondary) to Advanced Level (last 2 years).

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Combinations in A-Level

In their last two years of secondary school, students in Tanzania focus in on just three subjects, which are referred to as their “combination.”  How is it decided what they will study?

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University Life

While less than 5% of females in Tanzania receive a university education, 95% of Kisa Alumnae do.  Binti Shupavu Mentor, Rachel Banda, shares how she was determined to be one of them.

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AfricAid mentors secondary school girls in Tanzania to complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities.  We equip girls to overcome challenges and reach their full potential because educated girls create lasting positive change.  The outcome is proactive, resilient, and socially-responsible girls who secure better jobs, raise healthier families and increase the standing of women in society.