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Arusha and Kilimanjaro Year One Presentations

by Asimwe Suedi


At the end of the first year of Kisa Project, every Year One Scholar is required to prepare and present a presentation. Through these presentations, Scholars use skills they have attained during Kisa Classes and come up with creative solutions for how to address different challenges faced in their communities.


A total of 13 Kisa Classes from Arusha and Kilimanjaro spent a month preparing their presentations with close support from their respective Mentors. On a presentation day, every Scholar stands before the judges and some invited school friends and are judged based on their creative solutions, writing and delivering skills. Seven to eleven presenters made their presentations in one room one after another. Based on the passing criteria, judges came up with one winner from every room. This year, presentations were exceptional because scholars were good at coming up with very creative solutions and their delivering skills were strong. However, they still need close follow ups from Mentors in order to improve the organization and effectiveness of their presentations.


For a presentation day to be successful, it depends not only on Mentors and Scholars efforts. Hard work is done by volunteer judges who are Kisa Project supporters, as well as all the administrations from Kisa Partner Schools. Three more Kisa classes are looking forward to starting to prepare their presentations in the near future.


A Kisa Scholar explains her community improvement proposal for connecting seamstresses with markets.


A Kisa Scholar answers a question at her End of Year One Presentation.


This Kisa Scholar received an award for best End of Year One Presentation.