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AfricAid Announces the Appointment of Elena Harman to the Board of Directors

AfricAid is delighted to announce that Dr. Elena Harman has been named to the Board of Directors. Currently, Dr. Harman serves as the Manager of Strategy at SonderMind. She is also the former CEO and founder of Vantage Evaluation, Colorado’s leading partner, resource and voice for evaluation.


This year marks AfricAid’s 20th anniversary. Dr. Harman first became involved with AfricAid as part of the AfricAid Club at Colorado Academy, where she attended school with AfricAid founder Ashley Shuyler Carter. Dr. Harman credits her participation in this service learning club with igniting her passion for girls’ education. This, and her work advising organizations on how to use evaluation as a way to maximize their impact inspired her to join the Board.


“I have long admired AfricAid’s thoughtful approach in using mentoring to teach girls the soft skills they need to confidently achieve their goals,” said Dr. Harman. “As a lifelong supporter of AfricAid, I appreciate their long standing commitment to measurement, learning, and evaluation, and I am thrilled to join the Board and integrate my experience in this area even more deeply into their fundraising, programs, and communications.”


“Elena’s expertise in aligning evaluation with strategy and her dedication to educating and empowering girls will serve to propel AfricAid and our partners to the next level,” said AfricAid Executive Director Jessica Love. “We are incredibly fortunate to have Elena join the AfricAid Board.”


Dr. Harman is also the author of The Great Nonprofit Evaluation Reboot: A New Approach Every Staff Member Can Understand, an active member of the American Evaluation Association, and the 2019 President of the Colorado Evaluators Network. Harman holds a B.S. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences M.I.T. and both a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods from Claremont Graduate University.



AfricAid works to improve the standing of women in society through robust, locally-led mentorship initiatives that cultivate confidence, improve academic and health outcomes, and promote socially-responsible leadership skills. In close partnership with our sister organization, GLAMI (Girls Livelihood and Mentorship Initiative), we support mentorship opportunities that help secondary school girls in Tanzania complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities.