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A Step Towards Leadership

Orkeeswa Student Giving Her Presentation

The End of Year One Presentations is an AfricAid Kisa Project event normally conducted after the completion of Kisa year one curriculum. This event is an output of the Community Assessments the Kisa Scholars do during the holiday in their communities. The main aim is to identify different social problems prevailing in their communities that help them to build innovative visions for their communities and hence come up with creative and sustainable solutions to the problem. Before the presentation day Kisa Scholars have to prepare a paper including their visions for the community, descriptions of the problem, personal leadership (including their weaknesses, strengths and goals), descriptions of the solution to the problem,  and a team that will work together with them in implementing the solution. The presentations include everything they have learnt from day one of Kisa classes.

In this event Kisa Scholars get an opportunity to present in front of a panel of judges and an audience. The judges invited on this special day are the AfricAid Kisa friends from different NGO`s in Arusha and Moshi while the audiences are the students from the same school and other partner schools who are looking forward to their End of Year One Presentations.

In co- educational schools, we encourage Kisa Scholars to invite many boys as the audience so as to recognize the improvements of their fellows as they have been with them for a year or more than one year. This brings very positive feedback from the boys as they all appreciate the good work done by their fellow students. They say things like “Kisa is really doing amazing work, these girls were very shy when we joined the school, no one was able to stand in front of the public and express her ideas, but today we have witnessed their improvements, they are all confident, creative, hardworking and very responsible”.


AfricAid conducts this event to: train Kisa Scholars to become socially responsible leaders; to assess how creative and responsible the Scholars are; to see to what extent have they improved their confidence from day one of Kisa classes; and to evaluate their public speaking skills.

On 28th February AfricAid conducted the End of Year One Presentations. The event was held at Moringe Sokoine Secondary School in Monduli. This was the biggest End of Year One Presentation as it involved three AfricAid partner schools (Moringe Sokoine Secondary School, Orkeeswa Secondary School and Maasai Girls Secondary School).

In the morning Kisa Scholars presented different social problems in front of the panel of judges. Topics included: female genital mutilation; rape, road accidents; early pregnancy; lack of women’s involvement in leadership positions; lack of clean and safe water; polygamy; and unemployment.

In the afternoon after the presentations we all gathered in one big hall that was prepared for the celebrations. The Head of Moringe Sokoine Secondary School was invited as the Guest Speaker and he joined us in this second part of the event. This is the part where judges gave feedback on things Scholars need to improve and also compliment the presenters on the things they did well. The best presenter from each room was recognized and presents were given to each.

The Guest Speaker Hon Mr. Ndesamburo, had time to give a speech, before handing out certificates of completion of Year One to 35 scholars who did their presentations that day. In his speech he congratulated the Kisa Scholars from his school by being the role models to other students and emphasized to every Kisa Scholar to continue with that sprit.


By: Hadija Hassan, Kisa Mentor