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A Proud and Enterprising Kisa Graduate

Hajra Hamisi Kidua is a Kisa graduate who has just finished her two years of upper level high school. She is 20 years old and she went to Weruweru Girls High School in Kilimanjaro Region, where she was studying History, Kiswahili and English Language.


Hajra said she is very proud to have gotten a chance to be a Kisa Scholar because everything that she learned in her Kisa Classes is very useful to her life now. She said, “I found everything that I have learned in Kisa very helpful and applicable in my life. For example, when we studied about networking, I started to keep in touch with people who will help me to reach my goals and my vision. As a result, one of the people I kept in touch with gave me a temporary job as an office attendant in his office”.


Hajra also added that, Kisa has helped her to be very confident in expressing her ideas and opinions without any fear to people in her community. She says “before, I was very shy and I didn’t trust myself. I am very proud that now I am able to express my ideas and opinions to anyone without being scared”.


Currently, Hajra is running a small business selling fruit juice and drinking water to a school near her home place. She said that at this moment she is able to see opportunities in any challenge presented to her. She says “When I came back home, I realised that the water is very salty hence people do not like to drink it. I decided to start selling fresh water for drinking so that people will be motivated to drink water and I will get money to help me with small expenses when I join university in October”.


Lastly, Hajra is very happy that she passed her exams with flying colours (Division One). She will study sociology at university because she is passionate about helping people in her community of Rufiji to solve different challenges.


Contributed by: Devotha Festo Mlay, Kisa Project Manager