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A Binti Shupavu Scholar’s Favorite Day!

A few Binti Shupavu Scholars were asked to volunteer to write down what a normal school day looks like. It was a very exciting assignment for Scholars who love to write. Many of the shared written daily routines are particularly interesting because they differ from one Scholar to another.  Scholars come from different families, use different means of transportation to get to school, face different challenges and have different favorite school days for different reasons.  The chosen one for the post is a Form Three Scholar who took her time to write a lengthy account.  Anna* was super excited to share her beautiful Wednesday.


Note:  This shared story is translated from Swahili to English.  Best efforts were made to make sure the structure of the sentences remains as close to original as possible.


Wednesday is a good and happy day for me. This is because of the schedule on this day. There is a lot that happens on this day, therefore this makes this day a good day to me.


I wake up early in the morning and thank God for the gift of life He blesses me with. Then I start getting prepared to go to school. When I get at school, I join other students in different activities to make the school environment clean and attractive. After completing the cleanness activities together with all students in form one to form six, we go for a morning run (energizer). This exercise makes me very happy and it helps me a lot because my brain and physical body parts become more active. We run the football field three rounds while singing beautiful and interesting songs.


After running we enter the classrooms and the class sessions start. On Wednesday there are four class sessions and one free session, the four class sessions on this day include Civics, Literature, English and Religion. Civics session goes first; I like this subject so much because I learn a lot of different issues about our country’s development. Literature follows and I also like this subject because it helps me a lot on answering essay questions. Next is free session, so at this time I normally go to the library to read different books. After that it’s break time, I use this time to catch up with my friends to chat on how the morning sessions have gone so far. The break time is only 20 minutes, after that we go back in the classrooms for more one class session which is English. At 1:00 pm it’s time for Religion session, in the religion session, we normally have to go to the church. I like this session so much because I get a lot of life teachings. We are taught on good conducts and how to live in a peaceful and lovely way in our communities. To be honest, our religious leaders teach us a lot of good things which, if you focus on them, helps you to live nicely in your daily life. Personally, I follow and focus on what am taught, due to that I have successes especially on my studies and my stuffs in general.


Binti Shupavu Scholars in a Partner Activity (Technology Word Search)

After religion comes time for lunch. My friend and I normally eat together. After lunch, we go back to the classrooms for remedial. In remedial, teachers normally prefer to give us discussion questions in groups. Students contribute different ideas on the related topic. Then later I attend the Binti Shupavu Class. I feel so free in this class which makes me love everything that I learn from Binti Shupavu. In Binti Shupavu Class we learn a lot of new things related to our lives that are not taught in other subjects. After that we gather at the parade and are dispersed to home. When I get home, I clean my uniforms and help on the domestic chores, eat my dinner and then watch news. I mostly like to watch or listen to news especially BBC, Idhaa ya Kiswahili ya sauti America (Swahili channel Voice of America), and DW Born German. I like to know different things happening in different countries in the World, so news is very important to me. I like so much a channel session aired on Wednesday at DW (Swahili channel) which is wanawake na maendeleo ‘’women and developments.’’ This session motivates and educates women on development. After that I pray and start to revise. I normally finish revising at 11:00 pm, and then I sleep and wait for the next day.


That’s how my Wednesday goes by; my other school day schedules are not very different from Wednesday. On my weekend days, though, the schedule is totally different from the school days.’’


*Names of Scholars are changed to protect privacy.

Contributed by: Asimwe Suedi, Binti Shupavu Project Manager