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Celebrating 10 Years of Kisa Project

Ten years ago, the Kisa Project was born. Kisa means “story” in Swahili, and is a two-year leadership course that prepares girls in their last two years of secondary school to attend university and create positive social change in their communities.


Through the Kisa Project, young Tanzanian women are empowered to become the creative authors of their own future stories. And that, they have.


Your donations have made this work possible, and have changed the course of so many girls’ lives. As you’ll read below, graduates of the very first class of Scholars to enroll in Kisa have gone on to use their skills to reach their goals: becoming business owners, lawyers entrepreneurs, and leaders.


Your gift today will help keep mentoring programs strong in 2021.


Meet a few women from the very first class of Kisa Scholars below, and learn where they are now! And click here to read our blog post about the last decade of Kisa Project, with more quotes, observations and stories.